A Note From The Valuers

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Clisdells also have a skilled valuation team at your disposal, they are highly regarded residential and commercial valuers servicing various solicitors and 40 Strata Management firms throughout Sydney and neighbouring country regions.

Our valuation department maintains a file on all buildings under Clisdells management which includes the registered strata plan diagram, and photographic records of your building insurance estimates ensuring conformity with current legislation. Furthermore, we have instant access to most current and historic sales records in your building.

Nobody Knows Your Strata Building Like We Do!

We undertake valuations for all purposes, including:

  • Insurance Valuations – We ensure your building is adequately covered in accordance with current legislation.
  • Taxation (ATO) – You may be transferring use between private residence and investment, and need a valuation to identify the Capital Gains Tax exempt component of value either now or as a record for the future.
  • Stamp Duty (NSW Office of State Revenue) – When transferring ownership between related or associated parties, a registered valuation is required to establish a base for stamp duty assessment.
  • Superannuation – For compliance with the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 for Self Managed Funds.
  • Family Law and Litigation– Our valuers are highly experienced in these areas of expert evidence and representation.
  • Easements and Rights of Way – Are sometimes required over common property. We follow the standard valuation protocols and know the appropriate Legislation to follow.
  • Strata and Community Scheme Valuations – Changing unit entitlements, easements, rights of way, airspace, residue, strata areas, carparking, rental …. Just ask us !
  • Land Value (statutory) objections – We are familiar with the process and the best approach to deliver a result where your land value seems excessive.
  • Rental Assessments – Lease reviews for retail, commercial and industrial premises.



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