Newsletter# 4

Newsletter #4 – New Strata Laws – Strata Committee

The new laws are finally here! We have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure that we are ready for all the changes. Our strata managers will be working closely with each strata committee to ensure compliance with the new rules.

In our final newsletter we will cover the important changes affecting strata committee members.

Strata Committee

The Executive Committee is now called the “Strata Committee”


  • 2-9 Members
  • 3-9 Members for large schemes ie over 100 lots


  • A sole owner of a lot may only nominate one person per lot owned


  • An individual who is a sole owner
  • A company nominee of a corporate sole owner
  • An individual who is a co-owner of a lot nominated by an owner other than a co-owner of the lot unless the co-owner is not a candidate
  • Only one co-owner of a lot can be on the strata committee unless they own multiple lots
  • An individual who is not the owner of a lot nominated by the owner of a lot who is not a strata committee member nor nominated for election.


  • An owner who is un-financial at the date of the notice and who did not pay before the meeting
  • Non lot owner who are building managers, strata managers, letting agent of a lot within the scheme and any persons connected with the original owner (unless the person disclosed the connection before the electrion.

Other changes

  • In circumstances where at least 50% of the lots have notified tenants on the strata roll, a scheme must hold a separate meeting before the AGM to elect a tenant representative.
  • The tenant representative member of the strata committee can attend strata committee meetings, however they are not entitled to vote.
  • Committee members, all owners and a tenant representative (if elected) must receive a copy of the notice of strata committee meetings, at least three days prior to the meeting.
  • Each strata committee member needs to disclose any direct or indirect conflict of interest on a matter being considered by the committee, and this should be recorded in a book.
  • Committee members must have paid all of their levies and any associated costs owing in order to vote at meetings.
  • Minutes of committee meetings will be issued to all owners in schemes of 100 lots or less. They are issued to large scheme owners only if a request is made within seven days of the meeting.

For further information on the new strata laws please click on the link below.

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