Newsletter #3

Newsletter 3 – New Strata Laws – Repairs and Renovations

New Strata Laws
Repairs and Renovations

Welcome to our third edition of our newsletter on the new strata laws.The new laws have introduced changes for works or renovations that may involve the common property.

There are three categories for works as follows;

Cosmetic Works
Minor Renovations
Major Renovations (common property)

Cosmetic Work

Allows owners to carry out cosmetic or minor works without approval of the Owners Corporation. It includes but not limited to installing or replacing hooks, nails, or screws for hanging paintings and other things on walls, painting, laying carpet, installing built in wardrobes and any other works prescribed by the by-laws.

Minor Renovations

Allows owners subject to an ordinary resolution being passed at a general meeting to carry out minor renovations. It includes but not limited to renovating a kitchen, replacing or installing hard floors, installing or replacing power or access points, installing a clothesline, installing a split system air conditioner and any other work prescribed by the by-laws. The Owners Corporation may also pass a by-law to allow the strata committee to approve these works.

Major Renovations

Any work that involves structural changes, affects the appearance of a lot, involves waterproofing or for work that requires consent under any other Act, are deemed to be major works and require a by-law to be passed via a special resolution.

If you have any questions please direct these to your strata manager.

Best regards
Clisdells Strata Management