Newsletter #2 – New Strata Laws – By-laws

Our second newsletter will cover the changes in regards to By-laws.

By-laws play an important part in any community living. They set out the rules by which all residents must comply with to ensure harmonious living.

It is important to note that your by-laws will not automatically change when the new laws come in to effect on 30 November 2016.  All Owners Corporation will have to conduct a review of their By-laws by 30 November 2017. Your By-laws may need to be amended if any by-law contravenes the new laws. It is also the opportunity to consider if you need to add any new by-laws to reflect your current circumstances.  Your strata Manager will provide more information at your next meeting on how this can be done.

Key changes to By-Laws

  • Review of current by-laws by 30 November 2017
  • Changes of by-laws must be done within 6 months of being passed. Previously 2 years.
  • The secretary of the Owners Corporation must keep a consolidated up to date copy of the by-laws.
  • A by-law can be passed to restrict the number of occupants per bedroom.
  • Penalties for breaches of notices to comply have doubled to a maximum of $1,100 for each offence and $5,500 for breaches to occupancy laws.

If you have any questions please direct these to your strata manager.

Best regards
Clisdells Strata Management