Update My Strata / Levy Contact Details

Please use the form below to update your email or to register your email if you have not done so before.

If you need to update any other personal details example postal address or phone etc please email the details to clisdells@clisdells.com.au

Note: If you your property is managed by a real estate agent and they are paying the levies on your behalf, please contact them first as levy notices may already being emailed to them. Only update or register so that we can email you copies of meeting notices and minutes etc.


I have read and agree to the above terms


I/We understand and acknowledge that it our responsibility to immediately notify Clisdells in writing of any changes or any other issues affecting the email address provided in this form, which may prevent the timely transmission and receipt of my/our Levy Notice, Agenda Notice, Minutes of Meeting and any and all other correspondence delivered electronically and acknowledge that if I /we provide the incorrect information or if an emailed levy notice cannot be delivered for any other reason, the levy notice will be sent by normal surface mail. I also understand that the information submitted in this form may be used by the Owners Corporation in relation to the general management of the scheme and my details may be passed onto parties from time to time.